Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ever'day people doin' their thing P)

Sketched this guy in Rapid City, SD over break.  Poor gangsta . . . he was having trouble keeping up with his homies :'(

This one was witnessed, no joke, at the Wendy's on Bulldog today.  She waited for him to chew . . . echh. :)

Baby at the bean museum this afternoon, reaching for a prarie dog . . . awwww :)

Hip Wal-Mart guy from a recent sketch-crawl with Kendall and Mitch

Nephite Haberdasher lady.  Haberdashery is the business of selling buttons and sewing materials.  Fun word :) When I learned the word I had to draw something about it ;)  Hey, that could be a fun sketch game!

Have the fun!


  1. JAJAJAJAJAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I hadn't seen that first one! That is SUPER excellent!

    1. SORRY!! Second one!! The couple eating at Wendy's! :-D

  2. lol :) It was precious, I wish you had been there to see it ha