Tuesday, February 28, 2012

WASPart has been updated!

Just an update for ya'all.  I've been working hard and just got a couple of portfolios off for concept art internships.  Here's a link to my blog.

BUT!!!  Because this is the sketchbook blog, I've decided to post some of my machinery drawings for the student film Chasm.

This one is one that I did in my sketchbook and tweaked in photoshop. . . okay, roughly painted. . .

AAAAAND. . . a colored version of Estefan as seen in the eyes of Picasso.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Just a few sketches from the last couple weeks, up top is Cyclops, who is tied for coolest X-man with Nightcrawler.  Sorry Wolverine fans, it's a scientific fact ;) Midships is a quick sketch of my roommate Justin from yesterday.  The man is is meme encyclopedia, in case you ever need assistance in such matters.  I think it's his major.  Last is this guy named William Smith who can play two clarinets at once.  Technically two half-clarinets, but still.  He performed at BYU about 3 weeks ago :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Prehistoric Valentine

Well, if you were a time traveler or something this could happen :) I believe this is my first club post so yeah, about time.
~Sarah Miller sarahmart.blogspot.com

"To Me, He Stinketh Not . . ."

Alohahola!  Heres is my Prehistoric Valentine :)