Saturday, September 29, 2012

Digital Painting Links

Aloha Sketchmonkies, this is Josh.  As per request at the meeting today, here are some of rad-tastic digital painting tutorials!  These guys all have different techniques, each of them useful in different and mix-matchable able ways:


CG Society Tutorial – AMAZING intro to digital painting.  It's in a forum format, so it might be some work to navigate, but well worth it

Nebezial's Deviantart– Nebezial is somewhat of a force of nature in the DA community.  Beautiful stuff, but be warned, on occasion he does the "pinup" buxom lady thing . . . yech.  His dragons are much cooler.

Feng Zhu– Amazing environmental/mechanical concept artist from the more recent Star Wars Movies, more than 50 tutorial videos

Sam Nielsen–  BYU Digital Painting Professor/ Concept Artist at Disney Interactive.  BOSS.

"A Portrait of My Friend"– A great tutorial not only on caricature and painting skin, but also on how a few very basic brushes can interact to create astounding realism

 Again, none of these techniques is an end-all, each artist has a different style and you will find your own.  Just like sketchbooking, the biggest secret is mileage.  Draw every day, paint every day, and one day young grasshopper you will become a butterfly!  Except grasshoppers don't turn into butterflies . . . but you will become a beastly artist.  Like seriously.  Hard work . . . who knew? lol

 Stay classy!

And I lost the game.