Thursday, November 3, 2011

T-Shirt Design by Kendall

Thought Id throw this shirt design up.

Or the caption on the bottom could read something like: Where else are you going to see a lumberjack fighting a space dinosaur?
Anyway, that's my submission


  1. The dino's head is really cool, but the rest of the anatomy is trippy - he looks like meat-loaf. The Lumberjack is super all-out awesome! Good job! I'd try to fix the t-rex's anatomy before trying to turn that into a t-shirt design.

  2. Thanks for the advice, but it IS a SPACE dinosaur. Plus, I took some artistic liberty to allow him to hold a gun - correct anatomy wouldn't allow for that sort of thing.
    And yeah, it would definitely look more polished if it were going to be the real design. Nothings been decided though, and Im not even sure we're making t-shirts, so Im advertising the idea for right now.

  3. What a fun design (to answer your question, you'd probably find it at Dr. Mcninja )! Nice job. c:

  4. This. Is. AWESOME! I love it. Thanks for taking time out of your probably really busy schedule to dream this up. I'd wear it.

  5. This is amazingly fantastic! I totally want this on a shirt so that I can wear it. This makes me extremely happy every time I look at it! :)